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Fissler opens first brand shop in Europe
Hands-on brand world in Luxembourg’s premium center.
Fissler, one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality cookware, opens its first European brand shop today.
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Superbrands® Award for Fissler
For more than ten years, the independent Superbrands® organization, which operates worldwide, has honored the strongest of product and corporate brands in over 40 countries with this award. The prize-winners are brands that have been commercially stable and enjoyed a positive reputation among consumers for decades - or even centuries.
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Pot à la Fissler and Harrods:
timeless luxury for £100,000
Fissler, one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality cookware, is setting new standards of luxury with a unique product: a pot adorned with gold and diamonds from Fissler will be presented to the exclusive clientele of the London department store Harrods from the 10th of September until the 20th of October.
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